Let me challenge you to live the life that you want

Control your thoughts - you control your meanings.
Control your meanings - you control your life.

Outstanding Equestrian

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Weight Loss

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At the centre of it all is you. This is your life, how you feel about yourself, and your ability to do things will determine your life...

Fears and Phobias

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Habits and Addictions

The quality of your life is your life. Are you living in control? Are you deciding what, why and when you will do things or have you become...

Ian Rowe

Making the Difference

Start living the life that you want to live, now.

Ian Rowe and his team of qualified coaches bring a wealth of experience in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, Clinical Psychotherapy and Success Coaching. Specialists in working with a complete range of problems, symptoms and issues from general anxiety problems to specific fears, phobias and life limiting problems, to bring about life defining changes and resolution. One to one courses of sessions and sessions using Skype technology designed specifically for you provide fast, effective and lasting change, making the difference in your life.

If you want to make a change in any area of your life then you have to change the meanings that you give to things, and your behaviors. Let Ian show you how, now.

Ian practices at four locations; London, Oxford, Beaconsfield (Bucks), and Essex, or via Skype.

Change happens regardless, make sure that you are in control of the changes that you want in your life.

Life is Changing.

The extra capacity that is available to people when their levels of stress and anxiety are reduced is substantial. With that extra capacity comes increased options, ability, choice, satisfaction and success.

Professional, qualified, certified, experienced, safe, confidential and clinical. Utilising some of the most effective aspects of psychotherapy, brain based therapy and hypnotherapy, supporting you to get the results that you want in your life.

Perhaps the most important investment you will ever make, an investment in yourself. Imagine living the life that you want to live, achieving the goals and successes that you want. Reduce general stress and anxiety, focus on specific directions and goals in your life, start living.

Clients enjoy a much wider range of successes and achievements than they think they will gain as solutions, positivity and clarity of thinking become habits. The journey contains many unplanned successes as capacity increases, and stress and anxiety reduces.

Take a moment to think about your life. Do you want to look back and know that you took control and lived the life that you could have lived, fully. Take action now to create the life that you want without the habits, fears or anxieties that have been holding you back.

Professional, effective and humorous, as you are at the centre of every aspect of the sessions, the therapy you receive is completely personalised to you. The level of positivity in the sessions and in-between sessions has a transformational effect on life.