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If you want to make changes in any area of your life, then you have to change the meanings that you give to things, and change your behaviours. Let me show you how, now.

Outstanding Equestrian

Do you remember when riding was fun, enjoyment and your passion. Is your horse time full of worry, anxiety and what if’s? Do you want to...

Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight and stay at the weight that you want? Have you tried to lose weight before and not succeeded? Lose weight now, change...


At the centre of it all is you. This is your life, how you feel about yourself, and your ability to do things will determine your life...

Fears and Phobias

Is your life being restricted by fears, anxieties or phobias? Would you like to live life more fully, fly away on holiday, sleep well, ignore bugs...

Habits and Addictions

The quality of your life is your life. Are you living in control? Are you deciding what, why and when you will do things or have you become...

Ian Rowe

Life is Changing
Success Coaching, with Ian Rowe

Ian brings a wealth of experience in psychology, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, having successfully worked with a large number of people covering a wide range of issues and challenges. Ian has combined these techniques and experiences to enable him to develop and deliver the most effective Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, Clinical Psychotherapy and Success Coaching that brings about effective change.

With over twenty years working in the field Ian has pushed boundaries and set new standards for personalised Success Coaching. Ian has developed into one of the elite coaching specialists that can get the result and bring about behaviour change where others have failed. He has created a unique, combined coaching approach that takes the most powerful techniques from a range of therapeutic interventions and scaffolds them into a behaviour change coaching solution.

Ian is the driving force behind the Ian Rowe Foundation, a charity dedicated to supporting those less fortunate than others, promoting equality and making a positive difference. The “Stars” Campaign is the Ian Rowe Foundation headline campaing 2017 – 2020, whose aim is to provide £5 million of specific Stroke recovery hypnotherapy resources to people who are recovering from a Stroke and for their carers.

Ian practices at four locations; London, Oxford, Beaconsfield (Bucks), and Essex, or via Skype.

Start living the life that you want to live, now.

Contribution, Change, Success.

Ian brings a fresh, engaging and powerful energy that reinvents and reenergises the psychological and therapeutic disciplines that he is qualified in.

With a substantial world of experience, knowledge and behaviour change success in his portfolio Ian is one of the small group of elite therapists whom are able to deliver real success coaching that is underpinned with experience and a multi-disciplinary approach.

It is Ian’s ability to combine an interplay between traditional therapeutic approaches, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, Clinical Psychotherapy and Success Coaching in to a balanced powerful coaching technique that enables clients to make the changes that they want in their lives, successfully.

Ian is committed to supporting individuals of all backgrounds and all ages to make changes in their lives, and to leaving a tangible legacy of change.

Having worked with the widest range of people from some of society’s most needy people to some of the most elite professionals in their fields as well as treating some of the most powerful phobia and addiction cases.

Ian has the experience, the expertise and the skill to support you to make the changes in your life that you want, and the changes that you have been saying that you want to make for a long time, but either don’t know how to or don’t believe that you can.

Ian and the team specialise in behaviour change, especially weight loss, changing confidence levels, which are at the core of many life restricting behaviours, breaking through fears and phobias, enabling people to live a full life, eliminating unwanted habits and addictions such as smoking, nail-biting, procrastination, and identifying positive behaviours. Ian has had so many successful referrals that are focussed on horse rider confidence and horse handling and general equestrian confidence skills, that Ian has developed the ‘Outstanding Equestrian’ range of interventions and coaching.

Driven by contribution, Ian has established the Ian Rowe Foundation, a charitable organisation that provides empowerment and life changing opportunities and resources for a wide range of people from all sections of society, global society.

The Ian Rowe Foundation’s headline campaign for 2017 – 2020 is the “Stars” Campaign, which aims to provide £5 million of targetted Stroke support therapy.

The Ian Rowe Foundation’s STARS campaign aims to make high quality stroke recovery hypnotherapy resources available free of charge to anyone and everyone in need, without obligation and through a simplified application. The very act of giving and being there in a time of need is an opportunity to contribute and make a difference. The Ian Rowe Foundation is supported by donations from Outstanding Ltd trading as