Your Journey to Success

We refer to appointments as sessions and all therapeutic approaches are referred to as coaching. Coaching sessions with Ian can take place in two ways: One to One sessions in person at one of our private locations, or One to One sessions via Skype.

One to One Coaching sessions are available at our four UK locations, in London, Oxford, Beaconsfield (Bucks) and Essex. All centres are professional, safe environments managed by the customer care team. Internationally or Nationally by Skype. Your session with Ian is confidential and life changing.

Advances in information technology mean that coaching can now be as effective regardless of distance. If Ian can see and hear you he can coach you. Skype offers a great solution for international coaching and provides the same level of success.

Coaching takes place in a relaxing and supportive atmosphere of possibility. Ian employs a range of therapeutic intervention techniques in his coaching style and you will be fully involved and informed of all of the coaching elements before coaching starts.

Ian’s coaching and clinical therapuetic approach is designed on a one to one basis specifically personalised to your presenting and underlying needs. Coaching programmes are usually between eight to twelve sessions, stress and anxiety will be reduced and specific life changes can then take place.

Coaching sessions are a positive, safe and invaluable time for you, where you are the centre of the process. This is your time, with no distractions. Your intent and commitment will be supported by Ian’s coaching and skills to make the differences in your life happen.

Advances in information technology mean that coaching can now be as effective regardless of distance. If Ian can see and hear you he can coach you. Skype offers a great solution for international coaching and provides the same level of success.

Ian’s coaching is designed to get results, and he gets powerful results quickly. You will experience change in your behaviours and life, quickly and powerfully. Ian’s coaching typically shows results in less sessions than you may be expecting regardless of in person or Skype format.

Outstanding results, truly personal one to one coaching, privacy, progress and achievement all in the comfort of your own environment, Skype sessions add comfort and convenience to your success coaching journey and are more appropriate for some cases.

Identify the change that you want

Weight loss – Lose weight and keep the body that you want

Weight loss is not just about food; it is about you. Have you ever tried to lose weight before, and you have, only to put all the weight back on later? Diet alone is not enough. It is what you associate to certain foods and eating. Now is the time to change those associations, and lose weight and stay that way. If you are overeating in any way, with any foodstuffs, that is determined by how you think about those foods and yourself. Now is the time to let us take you on the journey to change your thinking, and change your eating habits, forever.

Confidence and Personal Development

Think about all of the areas of your life where you stop yourself, you don’t go for it fully, you step back, you miss out, you are overlooked, you miss out on life. Take a moment now, to imagine that you have much higher levels of self-confidence in all areas of your life. What are all the things that you would have in your life if that was the case? How much more full and complete would your life be? How much more fun, happiness love and success would be in your life? How much more would you be living life? Start the journey with Ian now to begin living the life that you want to live.

Fears, Phobias and Anxieties

Fears, phobias and anxieties are real, as real as your thinking allows them to be, and as real as your thinking defines them. Alone it is not always that easy to consciously change your thinking or your life. Whatever it is holding you back in your life, you need to change two things: The meanings that you give to things and your behaviour. Here’s the good news, change one and the other will change too. Commit to working with Ian to break through the thought patterns that are holding you back and producing limiting behaviour.

Habits and Addictions

If you have tried to make a change in your life before and it has failed, or maybe worked for a short time, then something has come along and you have started that behaviour or habit again, all of that is in the past. Those experiences have just got you to where you are now. If you smoke, over eat, drink too much or have any addiction in your life, and you are ready to make the change, let Ian work with you now to free you from addictive behaviours and to help you to design the life and behaviours that you want.

Outstanding Equestrian

Over the years we have worked with so many people who have horses and ponies, who have had confidence, anxiety or fear issues that we have developed the ‘Outstanding Equestrian’ brand. Still Ian, with added horse sense. Managing your horse starts with managing yourself. Managing your thoughts and emotions, impacts your posture and energy, these are the signals that your horse is in response to. Manage yourself and manage your horse. Do you remember when riding was fun, enjoyment and your passion. Is your horse time full of worry, anxiety and what if’s? Do you want to have time spent with your horse as enjoyable as it used to be?

How do I change my life now?

If you want to make a change in any area of your life, if you need to make a change in any area of your life contact us now. Complete the contact form with a brief description of the change that you want to make, the challenge that you face, or the frustration that you must change and we will be in touch. Take the first step to your new life right now. Prices for coaching consultations vary depending on the challenge and the circumstances so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Contact us now, and Great Job for deciding to take the first step to a new you.