An unconditional gift to you from Ian

Are you ready to start to reduce your levels of tension and anxiety?
Do you want to start to make positive changes in your life now?
Do you want to sleep better?

An integral part of Ian's coaching programmes is your nightly hypnotherapy session. As part of your sessions with Ian you will listen to a hypnotherapy audio session just before you go to sleep each night.
This will begin to turn your sleep in to more regular, relaxing, restful sleep, as well as positively communicating with your subconscious mind.
Try this wonderful, relaxing hypnotherapy session for free.

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Ian Rowe

“Because of the relaxing nature of the hypnotherapy session, you must never listen to it whilst driving or operating machinery.”

The extra capacity that is available to people when their levels of stress and anxiety are reduced is substantial. With that extra capacity comes increased options, ability, choice, satisfaction and success.

Professional, qualified, certified, experienced, safe, confidential and clinical. Utilising some of the most effective aspects of psychotherapy, brain based therapy and hypnotherapy, supporting you to get the results that you want in your life.

Perhaps the most important investment you will ever make, an investment in yourself. Imagine living the life that you want to live, achieving the goals and successes that you want. Reduce general stress and anxiety, focus on specific directions and goals in your life, start living.