Outstanding Equestrian

At any given time, the things that you are saying to yourself, the level of self-confidence, and the beliefs that you have about yourself absolutely impact how you are being and the energy that you are giving off. Who you are being and the energy that you are giving off directly impacts how your horse is being and responding. It starts and ends with you.

Have you noticed a gap between how you would like to feel when you are around your horse and how you actually feel?

Can you remember a time when riding and handling your horse was fun, and now it seems more fear?

Do you want to connect more with your horse and yourself with your horse?

Do you want to be in control of what and when with your horse as opposed to being in reaction?
These questions have arisen so many times amongst clients whom have come to Ian for coaching that we have now developed the “Outstanding Equestrian” brand. Ian’s Outstanding coaching philosophy and practice applied specifically to equestrian solutions,

If you are ready to start to enjoy your horse, your riding, your horse handling and competitions, join Ian now as he works with you on your journey to horse sense, confidence, competence and relationship.

Not only will Ian get you back in the saddle, he will make sure that when you get in the saddle you are bringing positivity, belief and awareness and that you are leaving the challenges of the rest of life behind.
Connect with Ian and connect with your horse, now.

Start your journey to a new you, now. A you who is connected with your horse. A you who feels the horse responding to your certainty, positivity, calmness and control. A Happy horse who can recognise the leader in you. Start to have fun with your horse and yourself, now.