Weight Loss

Have you got the body that you want?

Have you tried to lose weight before, only to end up losing weight at first and then ending up the same weight of even heavier.

Losing weight starts and ends with you, your beliefs, and the meanings that you give to things and to food, even if you are not aware that you do so. Let Ian work with you as you identify the associations that you have made with certain foods and with eating, and to change some of those associations for more powerful, and clear associations that will unlock your power as you start to believe that you can and will lose weight now.

Be prepared to achieve the weight loss that you want – for good. Be prepared to change the beliefs that you currently have about yourself that are not working for you, so that by the end of the process, your new beliefs allow you to stay at the weight that you want, with the body that you can have.

At the core of your weight problem are underlying beliefs and associations that allow you to use food to compensate for something that you think is missing in your life, or to distract you from something that you do not want to focus on. Ian’s coaching will support you to identify and change these core beliefs for beliefs that work for your outcome. This core belief change is present in all of Ian’s download products for weight loss, which then have a specific focus to meet the most common additional barriers to weight loss such as lack of confidence, unhealthy eating and, Gastric band weight loss (over eating).
Start your journey to a new, thinner, healthier, more motivated, more energetic, happier you right now.