If you smoke, over eat, drink too much or have any addiction in your life, and you are ready to make the change, let Ian work with you now to free you from addictive behaviors and to help you to design the life and behaviors that you want.

Every single action that you take stacks on top of each other. Are you choosing the direction that your life is going or are you running on autopilot, living in habit. Breaking through negative patterns opens the doors in your life to new opportunity, new choices and freedom. If you want control in your life, let Ian show you how to regain control and move in the direction that you want to go.

If you have tried to make a change in your life before and it has failed, or maybe worked for a short time, then something has come along and you have started that behavior or habit again, all of that is in the past. Those experiences have just got you to where you are now. If you are reading this then you are searching for a result in your life. You can make that change now and create a lasting change. Let Ian work with you now to bring about the changes that you want in your life. Design the life that you want, now.

“I had tried to stop smoking so many times that I had lost count. After working with Ian , I changed not only the way I thought about smoking, but the way I felt about smoking , and the way I felt about life, seriously. I also laughed more than I had before, the sessions were powerful and at times fun as well”. Fernando

“Sleep is life’s great healer”.
Ian Rowe

Sleep is life’s great healer. If you are losing sleep, if you are having trouble getting to sleep, or if you are having poor quality sleep, you simply cannot function at your best. Sleep effects everything, yet insomnia is oftentimes treated as a joke, and oftentimes, people just don’t understand how it is ruining your life. Act now with Ian to change this.