Losing weight means gaining your self confidence back, raisng your self-esteem, feeing prouud of who you are and what you can do.

Weigh loss is not just about food, it is about you. Have you ever tried to lose weight before, and you have, only to put all the weight back on later. Studies show that the vast majority of people who lose weight through just dieting have put all of the weight they lost back on within two years, Diet alone is not enough. It is what you individually associate to certain foods and eating. Now is the time to change those associations, and lose weight and stay that way.

If you are overeating in any way , with any foodstuffs, that is determined by how you think about those foods and yourself. Now is the time to let us take you on the journey to change your thinking, and change your eating habits, forever.

Do you recognize this cycle, is this your cycle, you use food to change the way that you feel, but then you look in the mirror and see that you are putting on more weight and that makes you feel bad, do you eat something to change the way that you feel, put on more weight, don’t like the way that you feel, eat something, and on and on. Take a different action right now to break this cycle forever.

Do you know what you want to do, do you know what you should do, do you know what you need to do to lose weight, Sometimes knowledge isn’t enough. Commit now to letting us take you to action.

” I got the result with Ian that I had been after for years. I had tried all of the diets before, I had tried the clubs and the meetings. Sure I lost weight, only to put it right back on again , in fact I always ended up heavier that before the diet. I couldn’t believe the power, the feeling of understanding and the results that I got with Ian. I lost the weight, I learned why I was eating in the way that I had been, and I changed the way that I feel about certain foods so that I don’t crave those things anymore. What’s more, I had a great time doing it” Nikki