Alcohol Cessation


Remember how great life was, how healthy you were, how much more energy and money you had before you drank and used alcohol so much. This awesome session allows your subconscious mind to undo that unhealthy learning and replace those negative behaviours with healthy, wonderful, enjoyable self-belief, relaxation and power. Believe in Living.

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Product Description

Exclusive to Outstanding hypnosis, this specially designed session has been created for maximum impact and life changing effect. Written personally by Ian Rowe, the session contains a powerful combination of Ericksonian language patterns and metaphors, direct auto suggestion, and cutting edge Neuro Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Intervention Therapy technology. The conversations and subliminal speech within the session engage both your conscious and subconscious minds enabling you to access and change your inner belief systems to eradicate negative beliefs and negative behaviour patterns.

Each second and each component part of this recording has been precisely designed, tested and put together for you with integrity and attention to detail, and then further enhanced by the latest technology. Professionally recorded, Ian will talk you into a state of relaxation and then a deep hypnotic state, where much of the life changing work occurs. The accompanying music has been specially composed and has the effect of inducing relaxation and hypnosis, whilst distracting your conscious thought.

This session benefits from a dual stereo binaural beats soundtrack embedded into the recording which contains a range of binaural beat frequencies. These binaural beats produce brain entrainment, providing the optimum brain wave frequency for relaxation and deep hypnosis at the appropriate times throughout the recording.

This special hypnosis session is designed to be used as a thirty day programme. By listening to your session every day for thirty days you enable new patterns, habits, thoughts and behaviour changes to embed into your life. Two versions of this recording are available for purchase, the daytime version is designed to be used when you will be up and about after you have listened to your session, and it will leave you feeling refreshed, energised, outstanding and ready for action. The night time version is designed for listening as you prepare to go to sleep. Listen to your session in bed, and the end of the session will lead you from hypnosis into a deep sleep, allowing for you to remove your listening device before you fall into a relaxing, refreshing sleep. The optimum way to listen to either session is through a pair of stereo headphones, and both versions of the session contain the same high quality messages.