Ian has developed the Outstanding Hypnosis range of audio session downloads as standalone products that produce results with or without one to one coaching sessions in person. When you buy an audio session, you are buying a 30-day programme specifically designed to facilitate change in your thinking, your behaviour and your life. You get to listen to Ian every day for 30 days (or as long as you want) at a time of your choosing and before those 30 days are complete your life will have already changed.

The Outstanding Hypnosis audio sessions are exclusive to IanRowe.com. All of the sessions were written by Ian, and they are high quality recordings of Ian, speaking to you, and more powerfully, speaking to your subconscious mind, to help you to unleash the hidden power that you have, that will change your life. Ian was involved in the post production of each recording, and the audio sessions production team are Apple iTunes authorized and have delivered high quality MP3 audio.

There are three levels of incredibly powerful influence on each audio session. Firstly, Ian’s hypnotic voice and special tonal arranged soundtrack that utilize all of the most powerful hypnotic techniques through their wording and the images and thought patterns that they create in your subconscious mind. These sessions are then enhanced with subliminal hypnotic suggestions that reinforce the message. The third layer is the application of Binaural Beats. A special enhancement that makes these audio hypnosis sessions stand out from the rest. The Binaural Beats actually influence the brainwaves that your brain operates on during the session, making sure that your brain is in the optimum state to receive, integrate and act upon the messages in your audio session.

Each audio session comes in two versions, ‘Day time’ or ‘Night time’. The Day time versions are designed for you if you are going to listen to your session during the day time. The sessions leave you invigorated, energetic, motivated and refreshed. The Night time versions are designed for you if you are going to listen to your session just before you are going to sleep. The sessions leave you relaxed, calm, and peaceful and are a great way to drift into sleep. If you buy both versions of the same audio title you get the second session for half price.